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Since 2005, Liquid Evolution Media has set out to become a new way to be a full service media firm. By taking a different approach to how we bill our clients, we have been very fortunate to experience tremendous growth. Our approach has been very simple... with the economy in its current state and the need to advertise at an all time high for any business owner, by reducing our overhead costs to a absolute minimum, we are able to offer a full line of media products and services at a significant discount over "Full Sized" media firms.

Instead of the cost of a annual salary for a secretary, we use smartphones for their mobility and we are always accessible for our clients by phone or email.

Instead of a conference room lined with rare woods that has a high cost basis that always gets passed onto the client, we meet you in a coffee shop or at your office... driving to meet our clients has tremendous savings over the monthly costs of office space.

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